iMedia Agency Summit- Quotable Content from Monday Morning in Bonita Springs

On Sunday, we sent 2 eXelate folks, Tobey Van Santvoord and Spencer Lee, down to Bonita Springs, Florida for the iMedia Agency Summit. As the sessions wrap up for the afternoon, I asked the guys to email me the most notable anecdotes from the morning.

Here’s what you missed:

1. John Nardone of x+1 talked about the fact that too many marketers use DSP’s for in-market targeting only (re-targeting specifically) and neglect upper funnel. For online audience targeting to scale and garner additional budget, marketers need to focus on filling the top of the funnel.

2. “Online video ads have a 18.3% more attentiveness than TV ads”. – YuMe and IPG Media Lab session.

3. In the session, “Privacy: Pain or Asset?” Scott Meyer of Evidon polled the audience, “Who is responsible for privacy in your organization or your clients’ organizations?”.  Less than 1/5 of the room raised their hands. As an industry, we need to make sure that consumer data is not misused.

4. Great quotes from Jack Myers in the opening keynote: “Transformations take 30 years. We are in the stage of monetization, implementation and application.” “We [interactive marketers] should think of ourselves as agents of stability versus agents of change.”

Stay tuned for more from the iMedia Agency Summit, and don’t forget to come by the eXelate After Dinner Reception at 9:30pm for cocktails, NBA Playoff action, and a chance to win a Boxee!

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