Haters Gonna Hate, but Data Owners Gotta Innovate

There’s so much hype out there. Every day we hear about new companies and new product offerings, many of them with the potential to change how digital ads are bought and sold – and perhaps shake the advertising industry to its very core. Throw in all of the acronyms we have to learn, and it’s easy to become somewhat cynical about it all.

Despite that tendency, we at eXelate believe there’s never been a better time for innovation in digital advertising. Innovation is everywhere we look, from the usual digital suspects all the way to the White House.

Innovation is perhaps most important for data owners. With the traditional publisher business models so much in flux, now is the time for data owners to try new ideas.

The data marketing space is one area that is ripe for data owner experimentation. Most data owners should be experimenting with both unbranded sales and branded data sales. With unbranded sales, you can sell your data into a digital advertising marketplace almost with the flip of the switch.

And it can be just as easy to try out branded data sales. eXelate can segment your audience, plug you into any demand-side partners, help you with data pricing and even set up a branded storefront for you to sell your data.

A major part of experimentation is understanding what works and what doesn’t. That’s why all of these efforts need to be backed by monitoring efforts and insights (all of which you can get from our DataLinX data marketing platform).

We work with many different types of clients and help them achieve significant revenue increases. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing and marketing your data — and that’s just another reason innovation is so important.

So let the haters hate. Innovate the way you manage and market your data to improve your bottom line.

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