Common Sense in Digital Marketing

“He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages.  So ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.” -Poor Richard’s, 1750

I stumbled upon this quote recently and couldn’t help but wonder if we have created an industry so preoccupied and impressed with our own intelligence and vernacular that we may lack common sense.  Sure, the business of digital marketing has advanced because of technical innovation and intelligent people. However, our pursuit of the ultimate algorithm and the quickest transaction has injected a jargon into our business whose understanding is limited to our digital peers.

Are we so immersed in our own language that we can no longer communicate with the outside world, speaking only to ourselves.

To be fair, the eXelate halls echo with words and phrases such as regression analysis, normalization, non-parametric statistics and, of course, the abundant acronyms.  As someone not trained in these disciplines (I am a sales guy), I find it easy to get swept up in the foreign nomenclature and science that I sometimes forget the business I serve – marketing.

We will do well to remind ourselves that our ultimate goal is to serve marketers and their endeavor to gain market-share, grow top-line sales and build a venerable brand.  Let’s make sure we can articulate the greater benefits of our statistical achievements in marketer terms.

Ben Franklin, scientist and inventor was also a great communicator who knew his audience and could express his ideas, with scientific basis, to a common denominator. Let’s make sure we’re able speak a more common language that can be heard and understood by all marketers and not just the digital quants.

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