Jobs data – It’s not all doom and gloom

Last week, President Obama gave a speech to Congress stressing the importance of passing a bill to promote jobs. With unemployment staying above 9% for the past few years, many in Congress are also making a strong push for stimulus and other measures geared to getting people back to work.

While it’s clear that overall employment needs a boost, it’s nice to know that some regions and sectors are performing a little better.

In New York, for example, the number of jobs actually has grown in recent months, with over 14,000 added in the private sector in July (the latest month through which data is available). Over the past year, the unemployment in New York has actually gone down half a percent to 8.0%.

And then look at digital media – this is an industry where startups are getting funding weekly and jobs can’t seem to be filled fast enough. It’s certainly not just Facebook and Google that are fighting for new employees; these hiring skirmishes are being fought across the landscape.

So it’s not all bad news. And there are some great resources for folks looking to work in digital media and technology. Here are some of our favorites:

Industry job boards: Some of our favorite industry sites also host excellent job boards. A couple notable ones are AdExchanger ( and AdMonsters (

Twitter: There are a few Twitter handles that post jobs in technology, including @jobsintech (!/jobsintech).

LinkedIn: Everyone who’s job hunting certainly already has a LinkedIn profile, but it’s important to use the network beyond simply posting your own background. Some of our favorite LinkedIn groups are: Media Professionals Worldwide (, Interactive Digital Media Group ( and Ad Exchange Experts (

Us: Yes, we’re not afraid to highlight ourselves here on this blog – eXelate is always on the lookout for great folks to work with. (

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