eXelate Index: Consumers intending to purchase Mini, SmartCar, are more likely to purchase Fiat

Fiat reintroduced its brand to the United States in March with the 500, a subcompact that will remain their main offering, even when they bring in the Alfa Romeo brand and larger cars. Although these lines may not be seen in the US until 2013, this plan will include opening about 25 more Fiat dealerships in the US, in addition to the 124 that are already open, by the end of this year. This will give the Fiat 500 an opportunity to further grow itself in the US market.

At eXelate, our analytics reported that people that are Mini,SmartCar, and Scion ‘Intenders” are far more likely than average to also be Fiat Intenders. That said, those people interested and searching for any of these brands will more than likely look at Fiat as a purchase option, as well. This is due to a couple different reasons.

People who are Scion, SmartCar, and Mini Indenders (as well as Honda, Toyota, and Nissan) have socio-economic characteristics that are similar to that of  Fiat Intenders. Intenders of Asian and European Cars have relatively similar socio-economic characteristics, and both are relatively different than intenders of US makes.

Depending upon required scale and desired ROI for Fiat, a variety of Nielsen PRIZM codes might be selected for targeting purposes. Some of the best examples include:

PRIZM – 04 – Young Digerati

PRIZM – 16 – Bohemian Mix

PRIZM – 07 – Money and Brains

PRIZM – 31 – Urban Achievers

While avoiding PRIZM codes such as,

PRIZM – 57 – Old Milltowns

PRIZM – 37 – Mayberry-ville

PRIZM – 20 – Fast-Track Families

PRIZM – 50 – Kid Country, USA

PRIZM – 51 – Shotguns and Pickups

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