eXelate Index: Spike in iPhone Intenders late August, early October

It’s no surprise that consumers are swayed whenever a major product or company has breaking news, and Apple is no exception. In fact, Apple seems to be the premiere leader of this trend, as one of the top players in the technological world. With the anticipation of what most assumed to be the iPhone 5 over the summer, techies were anxious to get their hands on Apple’s newest addition, and even more so when any news mentioning the phone was released.

On August 31st, in an incident reminiscent of a similar problem a year earlier before the iPhone 4 was released, an Apple employee left a top-secret prototype of the newest iPhone in a bar in San Francisco. Once the news broke, the spike of Apple iPhone intenders rose. Afterwards, the intenders stayed relatively steady as they waited for news of the newest phone’s actual release, to be announced sometime in late September/early October. Another spike in intenders occurs on October 4th, when Apple officially announced the newest iPhone at its special media event – not the 5 as anticipated, but the 4S.

The high spike in intenders continues and is even higher the following day, following the untimely death of Apple CEO and visionary Steve Jobs, whom we, in the digital media business, greatly admired and owe a great deal of gratitude.

Click image below to enlarge.

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