eXelate’s “Intent” Is Simple…The Most Accurate In-Market Data

Without a doubt, one of the most frequently asked questions I hear when speaking to CMOs, Agencies, and other interested parties is “How do I know your data is truly accurate?” This is arguably the most important issue facing data firms today, and certainly a concern premier data companies need to address head on. Everyone can say that their data is the best, comes from validated sources, and is unique in the way it is segmented – but at the end of the day, how can you truly validate these claims?

For eXelate, the answer was quite simple: show the marketplace our In-Market (aka Intent) data is in fact accurate! eXelate has pioneered a comprehensive validation partnership with ComScore that further affirms eXelate as THE destination for validated Auto, Travel, and Shopping In-Market data. Furthermore, eXelate is still the ONLY data marketplace with ComScore verified data – no other data provider has their data tested for accuracy of intended audience.

As an industry we need to stand behind our data, because the proof is ultimately about performance.  Having done this, eXelate is truly powering the best marketing decisions through unique, proprietary data, delivered efficiently.

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