10 Things eXelate is Thankful For

Thanksgiving is Thursday here in the US, and eXelate employees from all over took time to contemplate what they’re grateful for this holiday season…in no particular order:

1. I am thankful for the fact that data is getting smarter (or at least marketers are getting smarter in how they use data). –Spencer Lee, Director of Sales (Chicago)

2. We’re thankful that the Cupcake Stop food truck is always within walking distance of our office. -eXelate New York

3. I am thankful that we’ve seen a 50% increase in data buyers from 2010 to 2011. –Meghan Brown, Director of Marketing (New York)

4. I am thankful for our amazing new office and pizza places that do deliveries all night (for those long coding nights). –Shlomi Aflalo, VP Research & Development (Israel)

5. I am thankful that we work with so many data-rich publishers…also, our marketplace is open 24/7 – even on Thanksgiving! -Benjamin Reid, GM Data Marketing Solutions (New York)

6. I am thankful for comScore verified Intent data! –Damian Garbaccio, CRO (New York)

7. I am thankful for eXelate being the premier Nielsen data provider. – Chris Villani, Account Manager, Platform Development (New York)

8. I am thankful for smart, hard-working co-workers that make the eXelate team so awesome. -Julie Pereira, Marketing Assistant (New York)

9. Pie – whether it’s apple or pumpkin, we start thinking about Thanksgiving pie even before we’ve finished our Halloween candy…speaking of pie, we hope to make the digital advertising pie larger for everyone next year by providing the best quality data in the biz …see what we did there? (Full disclosure: we still haven’t finished our Halloween candy, but we’re working on it.) –David Lundell, VP Product Management (New York)

And last but not least…

10. We are thankful for cookies – in more ways than one!

Happy Thanksgiving from the eXelate Team!

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