eXelate Sponsors IAB & Winterberry’s White Paper: From Information to Audiences: The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases

Winterberry Group analyst Jonathan Margulies presenting at the IAB/Winterberry Group White Paper release on Tuesday, January 17.

This week, the IAB released a study that explores four data-driven use cases and how effective they are at leveraging the “big data” that everyone is talking about lately. The White Paper, produced in conjunction with strategic consulting firm Winterberry Group and sponsored by eXelate, is another attempt to further decode the mystery that digital data has become. The study uncovers how marketers are now shifting from traditional data to the optimization of consumer audiences, and what needs to happen to make this optimization widespread.

The four cases the paper focuses on are:

  1. Audience Optimization, which it states is at a low maturity level and is primarily used by digital advertisers and ecommerce players.
  2. Channel Optimization, also deemed at a low maturity level and used by publishers.
  3. Ad Sales & Yield Optimization, another use at a low maturity level, but one that could perhaps be increased with the help of publishers.
  4. Media Buying & Ad Targeting, the only use showing any promise at an intermediate maturity level, used mostly by digital ad agencies and DSPs.

The paper also touches on the difficulties of achieving widespread optimization, and what is necessary in order for it to come to fruition.

Click here for more information on the White Paper, and download your own copy!

Let us know your thoughts on data optimization, and what you think needs to happen to get marketers there.

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