Q&A with Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO Mike Nazzaro

eXelate was happy to announce this week that we are teaming up with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to help advertisers reach their digital advertising goals by allowing them to target audiences based on actual purchase data. We caught up with Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO, Mike Nazzaro to get his perspective on the partnership, bringing CPG data online, and trends in digital media.

eXelate: How will Nielsen Catalina Solutions and eXelate working together benefit marketers?

Mike Nazzaro: CPG marketers usually have a definition of their ideal audience, commonly based on purchase and attitudinal characteristics irrespective of the media those consumers use. Data and analytics from Nielsen Catalina Solutions enable CPG marketers to define their high-value audience once and then place ads and offers that reach that audience in multiple media — online, mobile, televisions and print.  eXelate helps extend this capability using its platform, increasing the scale of Nielsen Catalina Solutions digital network across a select set of media channels. So, the strategic alliance helps brands reach consumers with more relevant digital advertising based on actual in-store purchasing behavior.

eXelate: What are some of the challenges and opportunities that you expect to see in the digital ad space in 2012?

MN: Given the convergence of television, online and the multitude of video platforms, such as tablets and smart phones, the importance of using precise ways to reach the desired audience and measure advertising effectiveness across platforms continues to grow.  The following implications and trends result from this convergence:

  • Agencies, traditionally siloed by media, are starting to evolve toward a consolidated “activation” team that works cross platform
  • Media fragmentation in all platforms increase the importance of using audience data with contextual placement to optimize effectiveness
  • Advertisers execute cross media, but the tools haven’t kept pace with the need

Until recently, advertisers seeking to execute across various media platforms have found the tools to be limited. But Nielsen Catalina Solutions is a leader in developing tools that work across multiple platforms. Data and analytics from our company enable marketers to define and identify their best customer segments once, and then place ads and offers that reach that audience in multiple media — online, mobile, television, CRM and print.

Let us know your thoughts about eXelate and NCS refining digital ad targets.

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