maX Data is Here! Custom-Made Audiences for Specific Campaign Goals

As a digital marketer, some major concerns you face are reaching your target audiences and being sure they are driving advertising results. It’s a constant struggle to find your optimal audience every time, and more often than not, impressions are wasted. With the introduction of eXelate’s Modeled Audience eXtension – maX – marketers will be able to reach more people who improve their campaign results.

  • It all starts with YOUR data. Your first party data is critical to maX. eXelate analyzes your data to define attributes that distinguish converters from non-converters. Then, we use the attributes of your best performers and match them to our premium data marketplace to build a custom audience. That audience can then be distributed on any media you choose.
  • Custom audience based on your specific campaign goals. Each audience we create is unique. Our data scientists customize the audience to achieve your campaign goals.
  • Performance at scale. maX delivers 3-5x better campaign results as compared to traditional data targeting.
  • Flexibility. We’re building custom data segments that you can make actionable across any platform you choose. 

maX is an exciting endeavor that allows us to continue to push the bounds of traditional targeting. Let us know your thoughts! To learn more, visit our site.

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