How Can Agencies Take Advantage of Online Audience Data?

“The Changing Mission of Marketing Data,” a study by the Winterberry Group, revealed that US marketers will invest as much as $840 million by 2012 on information about digital audiences, transactions and “clickstream” behaviors.

So why are these marketers all turning to data? Data can fuel a marketer’s initiatives in three ways.

1. Discover. Data can help marketers identify new prospects, glean audience insights and observe and plan for trends.

2. Reach. Marketers can use data to target the right consumers, minimize waste and improve user experience.

3. Expand. By leveraging first party data and creating models based on best performers as well as reaching optimal audiences at scale, data can make a marketer’s job much more effective.

VP of Sales Jeff Huter dove into these three data abilities at Digiday Agency in LA last week. Click here to watch the presentation.

To delve deeper into how data can help marketers to discover, reach, and expand, download the presentation.

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