Daylight Savings Time: A New Advertising Opportunity?

Recently, Freakonomics posted a blog about “cyberloafing” – surfing the web instead of doing work – the day after the Daylight Savings Time change, when we “jump ahead” an hour on Sunday and therefore lose an hour of sleep, making most workers a tired lot come Monday morning.

Who wants to work when they’re tired? Apparently, not many people, as the study showed that entertainment-related searches on the Monday after the time change were up 3.1% from the previous Monday and 6.4% higher than the following Monday (based on data gathered in over 200 US metropolitan cities over a 5 year period).

We at eXelate found an 8.5% increase in entertainment searches on Monday the 12th versus the Monday the 5th.

So, should advertisers be taking advantage of all this extra web surfing by consumers?

Maybe not everyone should rush to get more display time on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time, but it is a reminder that marketers should always be thinking outside of the box when it comes to targeting ads. There will always be the holiday shopping rush online and ¬†consumers searching for spring break deals in February, but there are certainly other times during the year that online display ads can get a lot of play. In such a forward-moving digital world, any small event could cause a shift in online behavior. Be sure you’re ready!

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