Q&A with V12 Group

This week, eXelate announced our partnership with V12 Group, a leading provider of offline premium data and data technology. Our alliance with V12 Group allows us to continue to help digital marketers make the best marketing decisions through actionable data. We sat down with Kelly Leger, VP Digital Solutions, V12 Group, to learn more about V12 Group, their data, and their thoughts on the new partnership.

  • What is V12 Group hoping to see from their partnership with eXelate?

We are so excited to partner with eXelate.  Strong strategic partners such as eXelate help elevate awareness of the offline to online data boom happening in the advertising display marketplace. We hope to see a strong partnership that exposes V12 Group’s unique data to eXelate’s clients, thereby creating success for both of our businesses.  We value eXelate’s forward thinking stance on marrying media and data, as well as your strong privacy standards.

  • Tell us about V12 Group’s data and why it is unique.

V12 Group owns our data as well as a data warehouse facility. We scrub and rebuild our file quarterly – so our data is highly accurate. We strive to make our audience segments easy to understand at every level of the process: explaining to clients, filling out an RFP, etc.  We believe that accurate data will win out every time, in every campaign.

  • eXelate is excited to bring V12 Group’s automotive and PYCO personality profiles online. Where does V12 Group’s automotive data come from?

V12 Group’s auto data is a subset of our vast consumer database of over 200 million consumers covering 110 million households, which is compiled from over 40 data sources. Our automotive data is comprised of over 130 million offline vehicle records, all matched at the household level.  The 100% privacy compliant file is compiled from a proprietary collection of auto services, including insurance, warranties, vehicle maintenance, driver statistics, manufacturer’s promotions, title services, government sources, online sources, parts providers and public records. We are seeing great results with our auto data and continue to gain market share in this space. The ability to have this data available in eXelate’s platform is one of the main reasons we formed a strategic partnership between the two companies.

  • V12 Group’s PYCO Personality Profiles are based on the Myer’s-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and use 320 different data points to accurately assign a personality type to 85% of American consumers aged 18 and above. How can this data being brought online benefit digital marketers?

We are seeing a great demand for our PYCO data set.  The PYCO data set is something the display marketplace can use in multiple ways. We are seeing clients apply this data to creative messaging – showing different sets of creative to extroverts versus introverts;  PYCO is an answer to that intangible request that comes through in RFPs; we’ve seen it used in Auto, Travel, and Finance verticals, to name a few.

We’re looking forward to providing V12 Group data as a vital tool for digital marketers leveraging data via the eXelate platform. Click here to learn more about V12 Group.

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