March Madness Sees Spike in Travel Intent

March Madness has come and gone, leaving the Kentucky Wildcats the victors of the esteemed college basketball tourney. Kentucky took on the Kansas Jayhawks on April 2 to determine the national title following their defeat of the Louisville Cardinals and Kansas’ defeat of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Final Four duked it out in New Orleans, so we decided to watch for spikes in travel to Louisiana. Here’s what we found:

Travel from Kentucky and Kansas to Louisiana spiked between March 24 and 30, peaking on the 26th.

We also saw a spike in college basketball-related behavior at the beginning of March as well as the beginning of April:

College basketball interest spikes in the beginning of March and April, then quickly recedes.

Interest recedes through the month of March then picks up again at the beginning of April, right before the championship game. Following the game on April 2, college basketball interest again dipped down.

Are you glad that all the madness of March is over? Or are you enjoying your bracket winnings?

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