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eXelate’s Data Digest is the best way to keep up with our most recent news and offerings. We never stop bringing you the most unique, high impact data available in digital advertising. The Data Digest brings you the latest on how we are helping hundreds of online advertisers make better digital marketing decisions each month.

Our newsletters are sent twice monthly. We will highlight new segments and recent eXelate news as well as showcase some of our premiere data verticals, including travel, auto, and specific services.

Recent Newsletters

  • CPG Data: eXelate continues to lead the industry in distributing CPG data. Marketers often find that CPG data is an indicator of ongoing offline purchase behavior. It is imperative that CPG data remain fresh and at scale, and eXelate offers the timeliest CPG data. In this newsletter we provide a breakdown of the different CPG categories eXelate has to offer, like beverages, groceries, and health and beauty segments.
  • Purchase Behavior Data: Users who exhibit a specific type of purchase behavior are part of a new interest segment sourced from our offline providers. This newsletter delves into the source of this data, why it is reliable, and how best to leverage purchase behavior data.
  • Finance Data: Our most recent finance newsletter outlines eXelate’s array of finance data, sourced from some of the top publishers in the financial world. Read about our finance data partners and see how you can incorporate financial data into your campaigns or with maX™ data.

This week’s newsletter highlights recent eXelate news.

  • Turn integrates with eXelate
  • Spring Break travel trends
  • Modeling eXposed 2012

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