Q&A with New eXelate Partner TruSignal

eXelate announced last week that we partnered with TruSignal in our continued effort to bring high-quality audience targeting to marketers. TruSignal’s suite of TruAudience℠ High Value Consumer segments are now publicly available to all of our integrated media platforms. In an effort to introduce you to our latest partner, we had a few questions  for TruSignal’s CRO Jeremy Longinotti.

Take a look and let us know what value you think this partnership will bring to the digital marketing world!

What does this partnership with eXelate mean for TruSignal?

We’ve been really happy with the team at eXelate and their expertise in the digital ad tech ecosystem. As the relationship grows, we are hoping to see an increase in use of and interest in our TruAudience Syndicated Segments. Because of our unique approach, our data segments can be used in both branding and direct marketing campaigns and eXelate will continue to educate the market on the best ways to use data in online targeting campaigns. We also look forward to more innovation from eXelate as they continue to build out their platforms and provide more ways for buyers and sellers to connect.

TruSignal has a unique approach to building audiences, can you explain that?

TruSignal’s approach takes first party customer data and combines it with our own massive database of offline consumer-profile data. With predictive modeling, we find the right combinations of data attributes that generate the most predictive signal for our syndicated segments.  What’s unique about this?  It all happens in an offline manner, distilling all of the data into a single, segmented audience formula. We’re not talking inferred or clickstream data, we’re using real life data—historical performance and consumer profile data from 40 data sources. By going back to the raw offline data, we can access a huge set of over 10,000 attributes, about 80% of which have not been onboarded into the online ecosystem. The result is an audience formula that finds “lookalike” prospects with the highest propensity for a product or service, specific to each of our nine TruAudience syndicated segments. The following TruAudience syndicated data segments are now available through eXelate:

    • Auto Insurance Online Propensity
    • Term Life Insurance Propensity
    • Online Higher Education Propensity
    • Mortgage Refinance Propensity
    • Political Donor Propensity (Democrat & Republican)
    • Political Affiliation
    • Estimated Financial Health
    • Estimated Household Income
    • Underbanked Consumers

Given the importance of your third party data in the process, can you tell us a little more about the data you use to build your vertical specific syndicated audiences?

TruSignal licenses and curates consumer profile data on almost every U.S. household and adult from over 40 high-quality, stable and verified data sources. What this means is that we have real life data such as summarized financial information, census data, public records, lifestyles, catalog purchase activity, hobbies/interests and demographics. From this data, we access over 10,000 predictive attributes which are used in combination with actual customer or industry-specific performance data. Another great part about the data is that we do all the heavy lifting for you. We not only use a proven regression technique that determines which data attributes are the right ones for the segments, but our data team is consistently testing each of our data sources to ensure our data is the most accurate, comprehensive, reliable and predictive data available.

For more information on our partnership with TruSignal, click here.

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