Sh*t Digital Media Folks Say – Brought to you by eXelate

Wanna meet at Ace Hotel?

It’s no wonder why most people refer to the advertising technology space as an “ecosystem.” We are all in the same sphere – we attend the same conferences, know the same people, and use the same lingo. While this can be humorous, it’s also the driving force behind our success. Our industry’s close-knit community is the reason why we are able to come together, collaborate and propel fantastic innovation.

We teamed up with Meerkat Media to try and recreate in 3 minutes what most digital media “folks” hear every day and every week at work. For your viewing pleasure – Sh*t Digital Media Folks Say.

Special thanks to:

Joe Apprendi

Joanna O’Connell

Lauren Adams

Dru Johnston

And of course, some of our hard-working eXelate team – data skills AND acting skills!

  • Mark Zagorski
  • Rudy Feliciano
  • Vlada Kabatyanskaya
  • Dale Campbell
  • Emily Spence
  • Julie Pereira
  • Meghan Brown

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