Nielsen Launches TV Targeting Data: eXelate Powers Changing Channels to Reach Consumers

Yesterday Nielsen announced the launch of their new TV data product for online advertisers, and we here at eXelate couldn’t be more excited. Beyond the fact that it is the first time that a company with the prestige of Nielsen has endeavored to connect TV viewing behaviors with online purchase activity, it also marks another significant step toward a “fully connected” consumer across multiple media.

Advertisers who have grown to trust Nielsen’s expertise in not just telling them “who” and “how many” are watching but also “why” can now take that knowledge and make it actionable in a whole new media for the first time. Imagine being able to deliver a consistent message from screen to screen – eliminating consumer confusion, mixed-messages and delivery hiccups. We are just about there.

The way most advertisers look to create multi-platform awareness between TV and online activity is still disjointed due to both the lack of consistent data and the channels by which to make that data actionable. Nielsen’s launch of TV data through the eXelate platform tackles both of those challenges – benefiting brands and, yes, consumers. Why consumers? Because more relevant advertising can also mean less advertising…something that all of us who have skipped a commercial or two on our DVR (gasp!) will think is a welcome development.

Just as there was a “golden age” of TV, I believe we are entering the “golden age of consumer-brand interaction,” powered by data, and delivering benefits for all of the players involved. Uncle Miltie never had it so good!

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