Did You Know: Driving Consumer Awareness at the Top of The Purchase Funnel Improves ROI?

Did you know…

  1. that you can yield significant marketing ROI by targeting consumers who buy from your competitors?
  2. that 21% of US adults turn to search to further learn about a product? 
  3. that 84% of consumers make buying decisions online?

For many marketers, the consumer purchase funnel represents the journey a consumer takes leading up to a purchase. However, it also represents a tactical approach to leveraging data for more polished marketing endeavors. The data extracted at various points of the consumer purchase funnel provides valuable insights for marketers including consumer demographics, preferences, behaviors, levels of engagement and more. Intelligently applying these insights can lead to smarter, better targeted marketing, which can in turn drive even more powerful results.

The point at which online shoppers are most open to influence is at the top of the funnel. This stage is usually referred to as “awareness” – the point at which the consumer is assessing all their options for purchase and evaluating multiple solutions. For marketers, consumers in the awareness stage are extremely valuable because they typically represent a large (if not the largest) target market. Maximizing consumer influence while contending with your competitors head-to-head is inevitable at this stage, therefore many marketers consider it a best practice to cast a wide net when targeting prospective consumers in the awareness stage. Balancing large market size with demographic insights is key. Data leaders including MasterCard Advisors and Kantar Shopcom account for both of these facets, and give marketers the unique ability to reach consumers in the awareness stage.

MasterCard Audiences use profiles informed by activity on more than 1.7 billion payment cards and 23 billion US transactions annually. Unlike other online audiences, MasterCard Audiences allow you to reach consumers based on real spending behavior. It’s a scalable solution to help drive awareness to your brand with consumers most likely to move successfully through the purchase funnel.

 Kantar Shopcom Audiences are based on the largest passively-collected, observed, UPC-level   purchasing behavior dataset in the industry including offline and online CPG and non-CPG retail purchase behavior data for 300 million unique US consumers. Shopcom Audiences offer the most precise and most effective targeted advertising delivery available in the market today.

In a market where consumers are inundated with messages from other products that don’t meet their needs, making a connection is critical. Contact eXelate to find out how you can incorporate MasterCard Advisors and Kantar Shopcom data into your awareness-focused advertising campaigns.

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