Did You Know: 74% of Brand Advertisers Use Third Party Data?

Did you know…

  1. that you can target audiences today that will be your best customers tomorrow?
  2. that the combination of display and search exposure has a significant impact on consumer’s engagement on a brand’s site?
  3. that 74% of brand advertisers and agencies in North America use third party data for data targeting?

At the consideration stage of the purchase funnel, the consumer has started to narrow their product choices. Until this stage, consumers have had a thorough understanding of your business – now your goal is to give them a reason to select your brand.

It’s important to target more granular audiences at this stage in the purchase funnel and focus on the consumers who might have expressed an interest in your product, or illustrated a propensity toward your brand. eXelate’s premium interest segments are based on qualified targeting events captured from online consumer interactions that indicate a proclivity or interest in certain topics, including memberships in a specific interest cluster or enthusiast group. Interest data contributors include a range of websites including social networks, auto research, gaming, shopping, health and fitness websites to parenting, sporting, and travel review sites. Click here to see more of our available interest segments.

Your consumers may have heard of you – but make sure you’re getting in front of those that will actually buy from you. Contact eXelate to find out how you can incorporate eXelate’s premium interest data into your consideration-focused advertising campaigns. The consumers you reach using third party data targeting could turn out to be your best performing audience in the future.

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