Did You Know: You Can Build Modeled Audiences and Accelerate Your Sales Cycle?

Did you know…

  1. 61% of brand advertisers and agencies in North America use first-party data for data targeting?
  2. you can build a custom pool of future audiences to retarget at advanced stages of the purchase funnel?
  3. you can drive campaign-specific goals by leveraging insight from previous high performers? 

eXelate introduces accelerated conversion, the fourth and newest addition to the consumer purchase funnel. Accelerated conversion gives marketers a new audiences to target, and pushes these consumers through a much narrower funnel – therefore shortening the sales cycle.

Custom models leverage first party data to recognize the characteristics of your best performers. Using those unique consumer characteristics, eXelate builds a robust model of new, relevant consumers for you to target – allowing you to reach highly qualified consumers much further along in the purchase funnel.

With a massive amount of reference points that no other data company can match, eXelate has more unique data sets than anyone. Contact an eXelate representative today to learn more about accelerated conversion and how to incorporate it into your campaign.

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