Trusted Data + Custom Audiences = HIGH Performance Marketing

A few weeks ago, we partnered with Digiday to gauge marketer, agency, network, exchange and DSP’s perspective on the current and future role of data in their digital marketing efforts. We wanted to get inside the head of data buyers and understand the challenges and opportunities top of mind as we close out 2012 and move into the new year.

Of over 800 respondents, we found that at least 80% of agencies, networks/exchanges and DSPs, and marketers embrace audience targeting – and each of these companies are employing audience targeting for more than half of their digital campaigns.

What does that tell us? To retain clients and win new business in 2013, agencies will need trusted data and custom audiences to achieve high performance marketing.

Another interesting finding from the survey was what agencies, networks and advertisers thought was the most essential KPI:

SVP of Sales David Fischer presented the three types of data marketers should leverage in order to achieve optimal marketing in 2013 at the Digiday Agency Summit in Florida last week. Click here to see more key takeaways in the full presentation. 

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