eXelate Gives Thanks

This Thursday marks Thanksgiving here in the US, and our employees both here and abroad took the time to reflect on what they’re grateful for this holiday season.

“I’m thankful that our video, “Sh*t Digital Media Folks Say” made the industry laugh.” –Meghan Brown, Director of Marketing

“I am thankful for the big demand of data in Europe and the success of our UK and French business.” –Alain Sanjaume, Senior European Consultant

“I’m thankful that our video parodies are awesome and that I have a Nerf gun to protect myself from the mean Client Ops team.”  –Jenny Zitomer, Product Support Specialist

“I’m thankful for living in a place where innovation is still seen as the bellwether for success and where entrepreneurs fuel the engine that drives the nation’s  economy.” –Mark Zagorski, CEO

“I’m thankful for joining the fantastic eXelate analytics team as my first job after graduation and enjoying a lot from data mining.”  –Tingting Lin, Associate Data Scientist

“I’m thankful for the team I work with – this year we added some great client service folks to an already strong team!”  –Ed Lake, VP Data Operations

“I’m thankful for eXelate growth and expansion domestically and internationally.”  –Tobey Van Santvoord, Director of Sales-West

“I am grateful for an increase in user syncs on the AppNexus platform.” –Chris Villani, Technical Account Manager

“I’m thankful for the amazing people in our R&D team and for the great recent additions – definitely the best people to work with.” –Shlomi Aflalo, VP Research & Development

And a special note from Adam McEnery, Technical Account Manager in London…

In Ireland and England we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s good for the soul to dwell on what you should be thankful for. Firstly, being a part of the eXelate family is something I’m very thankful for – the opportunity to work with some brilliant minds and some brilliant personalities. I’m also thankful that all friends and family are safe and healthy after the recent storm in the US – after all, health, safety and a good family is all anyone needs.

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire eXelate Team!

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