INFOGRAPHIC: Super Data Insights from the Big Game

Whether you were rooting for the Ravens or for the 49ers, during the big game on Sunday, mobile devices (tablets & smartphones) were definitely the second screen of choice for all, particularly women. eXelate put together insights from the game on Sunday and found a few interesting trends:

  • A few hours before the game, everyone must have been busy setting out the dip, as you can see that desktop use plummets. It picks back up once the game is over.
  • While both sexes became more active at halftime and during the power outage, female mobile device usage spiked significantly and remained high throughout the second half.
  • Football fans like more than power tools & beer: leading interests of fans include personal wealth management, online streaming, men’s fashion, natural & organics, and a couple of other unexpected segments.

Take a look below, and download your copy of the full infographic here.

eXelate Super Data Insights from the Big Game 2.6.13

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