Hybrid Car Interest in the US Growing in Most Urban Areas

Hybrid and electric vehicles are perhaps the most talked about automotive sectors. With every major automotive manufacturer throwing their hat into the ring, as well as a host of smaller companies, hybrid sales are expected to skyrocket over the next decade. Market analyses predict hybrid sales increasing by 400% over the next 5 years, from 826,800 hybrid and electric cars in 2012 to 3,530,000 in 2017.

Until recently, the West Coast has been the home of most hybrid sales. In San Francisco, hybrids make up over 10% of all automotive sales! In anticipation of the expected growth, Sean Cook at eXelate analytics explored the origin of interest in hybrid vehicles today.


As you can see, this map is highly revealing. Hybrid interest is intensely focused around urban areas. There’s the expected interest in San Francisco and New York, but America’s major interior metropolises are also displaying huge interest. Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Atlanta and others are all displaying unexpected levels of interest in hybrids.

Significant interest exists in the Rust Belt where American manufacturers are ramping up production of Hybrid models. No doubt many people see not only a newer and better technology, but also the hope for economic opportunity as hybrids replace traditional models across the US, much like the rise of the flat screen TV. On the other hand, a north to south belt across the central Midwest has a number of counties, displayed in orange, where we saw no interest in hybrid vehicles at all.

While most hybrid purchases still occur in West Coast markets, the value of a hybrid vehicle is becoming apparent to urbanites across the country, and marketing needs to be focused on urban areas which even a few years ago were unlikely to produce results.

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