The Smart Data Manifesto: Goodbye Big Data, Hello Smart Data

Today we’re excited to start our series of white papers dedicated to explaining the evolution of Big Data to Smart Data. These set of Smart Data Papers are dedicated to frame our point of view on the need of the digital marketing industry to move away from a constant reliance on Big Data and instead expect and demand Smart Data.

The Smart Data Manifesto is a first in a series of eXelate white papers on the evolution of Big Data to Smart Data. Consumers have embraced a fully digital lifestyle across all screen types – PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Not only are consumers constantly connected, but they utilize an ever increasing range of services (web, video, social, messaging, apps, email) across screens. This multi-platform behavior has spawned a Big Data tempest and an entire ecosystem dedicated to deriving value from this new natural resource. Unfortunately, Big Data has yet to fulfill its promise of providing a clear and consistent business advantage. The era of Smart Data is here – data that is accurate, actionable, and agile – data that is ready to power smarter decisions. Smarter decisions must clearly drive revenue or market share growth – the primary measures for marketing performance.

This is a first in a series of eXelate white papers that will delve into the different components of Smart Data – accurate, actionable, and agile. These papers will review the why, how, and what of each Smart Data component while also providing best practices for industry professionals.

The time for smart data driving smarter decisions is here – are you ready?

exelate smart data

Download the paper here.

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