Cinco De Mayo: Mexico and France’s Browsing Interests

Cinco de Mayo is a widely celebrated but little understood holiday. For most Americans, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture, with good food, good margaritas and good times. In fact, Cinco de Mayo celebrates a very interesting and often overlooked historical event: the victory of Mexico over invading French forces! In late 1861, 8,000 French forces under Napoleon III invaded Mexico, won initial victories and headed towards Mexico City. Despite being known as the greatest army in the world, a group of poorly equipped Mexican soldiers (outnumbered 2 to 1) defeated the French in Puebla, the Mexican state which still celebrates Cinco de Mayo today.

eXelate has many locations worldwide; four in the US, and offices in Paris, London and Israel. Through these offices and our partnerships with international publishers, eXelate maintains a strong base of international data. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we decided to compare and contrast the browsing behaviors of Mexico and France. This 30,000 foot view of the countries revealed a number of insights into their relative behaviors.

exelate cinco de mayo

Looking at web browsers, Mexico has become addicted to Chrome, with nearly half of website traffic using the Google browser. Compare this with France, where Firefox is still very popular and Chrome adoption rates are significantly lower.

Similarly, we examined how users utilized the Internet across a range of segments, four of which are visualized above. The results are interesting. France, which has high-quality, fast rail travel and double the population density, displays far less interest in auto-shopping, with Mexican internet users looking for cars nearly twice as often. France, on the other hand, takes the cake for fashion, with browsers being interested in Fashion related sites nearly three times as often as their Mexican counterparts. The more culturally neutral segments, such as an interest in music or news, display far weaker cultural and geographic trends.

In order to celebrate, we’ll be sipping some tequila instead of champagne this weekend.

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