eXelate and Bizo Join Data Forces to Create ProSumer Segments

eXelate is excited to announce 10 new targetable segments created by combining eXelate’s most popular premium interest and intent segments and Bizo’s powerful business demographic data (e.g. job function, seniority, industry, company size) on over 85% of the US business population. The newly formed segments, branded Bizo ProSumer Segments, offer a more specific way to target audiences who are likely to buy specific products.

Bizo sources its data from a network of over 4,200 publishers and through various means including registration data, offline business databases, encrypted email addresses, vertical websites and IP data. eXelate’s premium data spans the entire purchase funnel, reaching hundreds of millions of online users worldwide in over 900 demographic, behavioral and purchase intent categories.

exelate bizo prosumer high res

“eXelate enables marketers to reach potential customers with highly relevant messages through accurate, actionable and agile 3rd party data. The combination of Bizo’s B2B data and eXelate’s in-market data creates unique, targetable audiences at specific financial levels that can afford luxury items,” says Nancy Neumann, VP of Client Services at eXelate.

“Given the high relative education and affluence level of business professional audiences, Bizo’s audience segments represent some of the highest value consumer segments online,” says Bizo’s VP of Channel Operations Patrick O’Brien.  “Now, by combining our segments with eXelate’s high quality in-market data, we can jointly help marketers reach the audiences they care about most with an even greater level of precision.”

Contact eXelate now to start targeting these segments.

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