Making Mobile Actionable with eXelate and Drawbridge

The digital world continues to get increasingly complex as consumers continue to utilize different platforms (PC, smartphone, tablet) throughout their digital day. Our latest white paper, The Smart Data Manifesto, laid out how consumers continue to embrace a digital lifestyle by consuming media across PC and mobile devices. One of the key tenants of smart data is that it must be actionable – data that can drive scalable action in a way that maximizes a business objective.

Our recent State of the Industry Survey on audience targeting also provided evidence of the growing importance of mobile platforms as a way to target audiences. The research showed that although 80%+ of the digital advertising ecosystem (advertisers, agencies, platforms) prefer to use the PC platform for audience targeting, mobile platforms are now also used almost 60% of the time – a trend that will continue to grow.

mobile audience targeting growth
The skyrocketing importance of mobile is undeniable and that is why our partnership announcement with Drawbridge is so exciting. eXelate’s partnership with Drawbridge will make eXelate’s smart data actionable to over 600M mobile devices while providing Drawbridge’s innovative technology the ability to expand their segment availability from 800 to over 8000 segments.

We believe that the digital marketing ecosystem will continue to look for companies that are working together to provide multi-platform solutions – those that will go across PC and mobile platforms. Our partnership with Drawbridge is an example of how eXelate’s smart data and analytics combined with Drawbridge’s proprietary technology will make digital media more relevant for consumers and effective for marketers.

We’re looking forward to continuing to innovate in a multi-platform world – mobile, here we come.

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