The eXelate Team Helps Foster the Next Generation of Data Scientists

On Tuesday, the Data Science and Technical Operations groups at eXelate participated in our New York City community when members of the teams visited 6th grade math classes at MS 54 (Booker T Washington Middle School) to discuss how math is shaping our everyday world.

analytics team math school

eXelate’s Analytics Team (Sean Cook, Matthew Fornari, Tingting Lin, Kevin Lyons, and Patrick McCann)

The team started out by explaining what Data Scientists do at eXelate and how exciting their jobs are. Some case studies of the type of analyses the team conducts were presented, including a demonstration of how what consumers see on the internet (both the ads and content) is determined, in real-time, by advanced mathematical algorithms. The team even surveyed the kids ahead of time and built some statistical models that, in real time, successfully predicted (to the relief of the fingers-crossed analysts) the favorite movies of the students and the things they most like to do after school.

The presentation was concluded by noting that no matter what discouragement the students may endure, each of them can learn and apply math to their careers regardless of their background or appearance – one of eXelate’s core values. It was a great experience for the presenters and the students were very engaged, even dubbing the presentation as “cool” – a big win for us!

For what it’s worth, eXelate would like to make a call out to all Data Scientists out there: Get involved! Offer to help out at a school! Who knows, you might just help to change a kid’s life, all while having a lot of fun and fostering the next great generation of Data Scientists.

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