Mobile Browsing Interests of Men & Women

The future is mobile. Phones and tablets are becoming larger parts of our online activity. Our lives are filled with multiple browsing devices, from tablets and phones to traditional computers. Mobile devices reflect some of our most idle browsing, reflecting pleasure rather than work. We decided to compare mobile browsing across iOS and Android platforms for men and women.

exelate men women mobile browsing

Men and women have distinct browsing behavior, as you can from the segments they find themselves in. Some activities are common between men and women. Entertainment, technology, shopping and reading the news are all shared activities. On the other hand, there are some distinct differences. Websites relating to parenting, travel, health and food are all more common sites for women than men, while men show more interest in games, technology and finance.

Of course, just because we don’t see someone fitting the Finance or Food & Wine segments on a mobile device does not mean they aren’t interested! We are only capturing a part of that user’s browsing. That is why we are so excited about our new partnership with Drawbridge. Drawbridge increases our ability to connect our mobile and desktop users, expanding the range of platforms for a user we can collect data from, and subsequently allowing people to see relevant ads across multiple platforms. We may never see a user visit a parenting website on their desktop, but through cross-platform connections, we can make sure a user see ads to catch their interests across their digital space. This increases the accuracy, actionability and agility of our data; the core attributes of eXelate Smart Data.

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