Auto Insights: May’s Top 10 Segments

exelate auto buyers top 10

The Ford Mustang takes the race!

Here’s a snapshot of the top ten auto segments for May in a few of our most popular categories. Cleaning up is Ford, with the most popular segment in both our make and model categories, backed up by sports cars being our most popular body style! Perhaps some of our users are looking to spend some extra cash this summer?

These segments allow you to accurately find your audience across the web, targeting and retargeting users with precisely defined interests. Not only does eXelate maintain highly accurate Smart Data about body styles, makes and models, we create and maintain hundreds of additional segments for auto shopping with millions of unique users. Information about whether they prefer foreign or domestic, new or used, economy or luxury, and more. This is backed by a range of other auto related segments, including auto parts, tires, financing, lease and loan info, insurance seekers and demographics.

If you’re looking for auto shoppers, look to eXelate for the most accurate targeting on the market!

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