U.S. Sports Abroad- European Interest in American Sports

American Sport in EuropeThis week we wanted to take a quick look at the popularity of the “Big 3” American sports in Europe. We examined browsing patterns for May, with an interest in which countries were most focused on news about which sport. We definitely found some interesting patterns.

This sort of snapshot is highly time-dependent. Interest in sports waxes and wanes as sports seasons come and go. These numbers were taken during the MLB and NBA regular seasons, but after the Superbowl, and these two ‘in season’ sports dominate the map.  Germany, which has the largest number of players in the Confederation of European Baseball, dominated baseball interest. This was shared with Spain, where baseball was introduced early by Latin American enthusiasts, and many Eastern European nations.

Basketball news was the winner in large parts of Europe. In fact, had it been included, college basketball was actually more popular than any of the three major sports for a few countries. Of course, we can’t discount Americans living and traveling abroad, trying to keep up with their home team swinging some results!

Surprisingly, despite being in the off-season, NFL news was still being actively read more than other sports in a few countries. We can only hope it shows real interest and not people confused by which “football” they were reading about!

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