Summer Escapes- Where Do People Take Vacations in the Summer?

eXelate- Summer 2013 Escapes

With summer here and the weather warm, people are planning summer vacations.

Topping off the most sought after location for May vacations was Florida. Whether it’s Disney World or Miami Beach, Americans from all over the country were interested in taking a trip to the Sunshine State. Number 2 proved that surf and sun were the operative vacation interests in America, with California coming in as the second most sought after state. Hawaii, in 5th, extended the palm tree vacations. New York and Texas, in 3rd and 4th respectively, were also important destinations for Americans.

We also took a look at the other side of the coin. Which states had people who were looking at travel the most? The results were interesting. Topping our list was Washington state. Perhaps people wanting to escape those May showers. Washington proved to be a bit anomalous though, as the next five states were all from the South. In the end, humidity might be the greatest vacation motivator of all!

  • People are always on the lookout for some fun in the sun, with 1st and 2nd place going to FL and CA, respectively.
  • Washington state displayed the most interest in travel, but the next 6 spots were all in the South.
  • The larger and more popular a state is, the more likely its residents will look to fly within it. In fact, the top 5 most popular travel destination states all look for travel plans within their own state, before looking outside of it!

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