A Little Bit Country, a LOT Rock ‘n Roll: American Musical Interest

exelate data snax 7.5.13“R-O-C-K in the USA” seems to be alive and well! This week, our data team looked at different musical interests between males and females as well as across different age groups. Between country western, hip hop, jazz, and rock, rock took the cake as the most popular genre among all genders and ages. Some other insights:

  • Country western seems to be gaining popularity – more so for women than men, almost edging out rock as the top musical interest for women.
  • Hip hop and rap are most popular among the young, with a steady downward line in interest as age increases. However, it seems that some folks over 50 are still enjoying it!
  • Apparently, jazz is a genre for a select few – interest for both genders plummets and all age groups show a relatively equal amount of disinterest for it.

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