Define My Ride: Southern Luxury and Portland Liberals

exelate define my ride

Who wants what? Figure that out, and your marketing is halfway done. We took a look at the regional interest of a range of car types across 3 months of online browsing data in order to see how these spatial patterns varied across the United States.

Some of the results are surprising. Why are more folks in Arizona looking at hybrids than their California neighbors? Perhaps it can be explained by the fact that 4.3 million of 6.5 million AZ residents live in the Phoenix metro area, a place that strongly favors a hybrid vehicle. Why are Pennsylvania residents looking at convertibles more often than Florida residents? Perhaps daydreams drive auto browsing as much as utility…a theory that supports the number of Ferrari shoppers we see!

Some car types display far less regional intensity than others. Sports cars, for instance, are enjoyed more evenly throughout the country, perhaps because young men and mid-life crises are universal. Luxury vehicles, on the other hand, display strong regional biases.

These results are all indexed in order to allow regional comparison. In other words, overall interest in sedans is higher than convertibles by 4-5x. We are comparing regional differences within a body type, rather than the body type popularities to each other. That’s a topic for a different day!

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