Off to College: What Students Are Looking For

exelate off to college

Since many colleges started class and orientation this week, we took a look at what students are looking for in a school. In terms of most researched universities, NYU wins the day, having the most interest on a major online site devoted to helping students find a university. Running behind NYU came USC and BU. And on to college majors, some top interests of prospective students were very interesting. Kinesiology surprised me as a top pick – perhaps a favorite among student athletes. Other interesting majors included Marine Biology (I hate to tell you that you’re more likely to study worms than dolphins), Forensic Psychology (CSI and Bones have invaded our psyche) and Petroleum Engineering (get rich betting on the fracking boom!).

Slightly disturbingly, but not at all shocking, Hottest Girls was the number one interest of online browsers when selecting universities to apply to. It wasn’t close, either. Looking at school rankings by Hottest Girls was almost twice as popular as the second most popular ranking, Admission Difficulty, itself slightly worrisome. But don’t worry, America – behind these two, in order: Best Overall Experience, Best Party Scene, and Greek Life. Academics still came in with a strong 6th place finish, just ahead of Hottest Guys. OK, you can be a little concerned.

With these rankings in mind, and since none of our schools made the Top Ten, I would like to personally recommend my home city of San Diego. Consistently ranked in the top 3 in every list of the country’s most attractive people, some excellent schools, perfect weather, beautiful beaches and Mexican food to die for!

Insight from Sean Cook, Data Analyst

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