eXelate’s “Intent” Is Simple…The Most Accurate In-Market Data

Without a doubt, one of the most frequently asked questions I hear when speaking to CMOs, Agencies, and other interested parties is “How do I know your data is truly accurate?” This is arguably the most important issue facing data firms today, and certainly a concern premier data companies need to address head on. Everyone can say that their data is the best, comes from validated sources, and is unique in the way it is segmented – but at the end of the day, how can you truly validate these claims?

For eXelate, the answer was quite simple: show the marketplace our In-Market (aka Intent) data is in fact accurate! eXelate has pioneered a comprehensive validation partnership with ComScore that further affirms eXelate as THE destination for validated Auto, Travel, and Shopping In-Market data. Furthermore, eXelate is still the ONLY data marketplace with ComScore verified data – no other data provider has their data tested for accuracy of intended audience.

As an industry we need to stand behind our data, because the proof is ultimately about performance.  Having done this, eXelate is truly powering the best marketing decisions through unique, proprietary data, delivered efficiently.

The Data’s in the Details – Volume 2: “Data – Once it hits your lips, it’s so good…”

As a follow-up to my previous blog post

In order for anyone to understand the value derived from data usage, a critical step is to actually start using data. This can come from direct integrations, testing through established “data connections”, or layering data for analytics and optimization. These are just a few ways to “get in the game”. At the end of the day, you need to be involved with data in order to see the value.

This concept can be foreign to many in the advertising space, and it should be – as the data world is still relatively new and fragmented. At eXelate, we help companies gain value through data usage, and are truly excited about the benefits.  However, we also believe the “proof is in the performance”, which can only come once there is a sincere effort made to leverage data and empower your marketing decisions.

Once the data discovery effort is underway, I have no doubt there will be significant enthusiasm around the many possibilities moving forward. I have actually witnessed the discovery of data value through eXelate partnerships over the last several years – and it is not only proof positive, but more importantly FUN…

In fact, it always reminds of the scene from Old School, where Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell), recites the lines “Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it’s so Good…”  This coming as a result of Frank partaking in an activity, that was not in his initial plan for the evening – but one he enjoyed. Perhaps your enthusiasm for data will manifest itself in a slightly different quote, but you get the idea. (For those who have not seen the movie Old School, please stop reading this blog and immediately go see it.)  But for quick idea of what I mean, or reminder, you can watch the clip here

The Data is in the Details – Volume 1: That’s Where the Value is…

While you may (or may not) be familiar with timeless, comical, and astute quote from the legendary bank robber Willie Sutton – I believe it should serve as a template for how we approach the practice of data usage in today’s current digital landscape.  For those of you who are not familiar with Willie’s story, Sutton is famously known for answering a reporter, who asked why he robbed banks by saying, “because that’s where the money is.”

Perhaps Willie’s career choice leaves something to be desired, but his simplistic and direct commentary can certainly help as we all assess our respective corporate strategies and direction relating to data. This seemingly obvious viewpoint formed the basis of Sutton’s Law, often taught to medical students – it states that when diagnosing, one should first consider the obvious.

This very “principle” or “off-the-cuff remark” – depending on how you choose to interpret – can be applied to many of the conversations I have with management groups grappling with how or why to enact a data strategy. People want to better understand:

1. How to leverage data

2. What are best practices for data management

3. How all constituents interact (DMP’s, DSP’s, Networks, Brands, etc.)

…and the list goes on. While this may seem obvious to some people regarding data in the digital media space, the underlying need for all these questions (all of the due diligence, the education), stems from the fact that there is clearly VALUE in data.

So if asked why I work in the data space (specifically for a company dedicated to enabling strategic data management), I would answer Because that’s where the value is. While my quote may not generate the attention that Mr. Sutton’s comments provided, the general application of a Sutton’s Law seems to be accepted. When diagnosing the need and utility of data, individuals and their companies certainly should consider the obvious. CMO’s, CRO’s, CTO’s and others get it and are now ready move.

What excites me, eXelate, and hopefully the market at large, is that stakeholders are now actively taking the next step – really extracting value from data. While data value can take many forms:

1. Targeting

2. Sales

3. Optimization

4. Marketing

5. Analytics

…one thing is clear. The value exists and people want to harness that value. The fact that eXelate is at the epicenter of data – puts me (us) in a great position to help organizations leverage that value.

Stay tuned for ‘The Data’s in the Details – Volume 2 “Frank the Tank & Data Usage – think about it” ‘