Q&A with Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO Mike Nazzaro

eXelate was happy to announce this week that we are teaming up with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to help advertisers reach their digital advertising goals by allowing them to target audiences based on actual purchase data. We caught up with Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO, Mike Nazzaro to get his perspective on the partnership, bringing CPG data online, and trends in digital media.

eXelate: How will Nielsen Catalina Solutions and eXelate working together benefit marketers?

Mike Nazzaro: CPG marketers usually have a definition of their ideal audience, commonly based on purchase and attitudinal characteristics irrespective of the media those consumers use. Data and analytics from Nielsen Catalina Solutions enable CPG marketers to define their high-value audience once and then place ads and offers that reach that audience in multiple media — online, mobile, televisions and print.  eXelate helps extend this capability using its platform, increasing the scale of Nielsen Catalina Solutions digital network across a select set of media channels. So, the strategic alliance helps brands reach consumers with more relevant digital advertising based on actual in-store purchasing behavior.

eXelate: What are some of the challenges and opportunities that you expect to see in the digital ad space in 2012?

MN: Given the convergence of television, online and the multitude of video platforms, such as tablets and smart phones, the importance of using precise ways to reach the desired audience and measure advertising effectiveness across platforms continues to grow.  The following implications and trends result from this convergence:

  • Agencies, traditionally siloed by media, are starting to evolve toward a consolidated “activation” team that works cross platform
  • Media fragmentation in all platforms increase the importance of using audience data with contextual placement to optimize effectiveness
  • Advertisers execute cross media, but the tools haven’t kept pace with the need

Until recently, advertisers seeking to execute across various media platforms have found the tools to be limited. But Nielsen Catalina Solutions is a leader in developing tools that work across multiple platforms. Data and analytics from our company enable marketers to define and identify their best customer segments once, and then place ads and offers that reach that audience in multiple media — online, mobile, television, CRM and print.

Let us know your thoughts about eXelate and NCS refining digital ad targets.

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday: Cyber Monday sees increased online shopping- eXelate infographic!

With 25 days and only 600 hours until the Christmas holiday, online shoppers continue to hit the internet in search of the perfect gifts for the holiday season. As online shopping soars, we were curious as to how Black Friday stacked up against Cyber Monday.  Take a look at some of our findings!

1. 57% more consumers shopped on Cyber Monday than on prior November Mondays.

2. The Top products that popped CONTINUE to be technology-oriented.

3. Online shopping on Cyber Monday beat Black Friday by 17% (seems like a small percent…)

4. Mondays, in general, outperform Fridays in online shopping by about 14%.

(eXelate data is compiled from measuring billions of real-time, online consumer interactions that are supported by data sourced from hundreds of online and offline sources.)

To download a copy, CLICK HERE!

Black Friday 2011- Consumers Move Toward Mobile Devices for Online Shopping

Online shopping on Black Friday surged – no surprise there.

But, what IS interesting is that while consumers spent more time shopping online on Black Friday as opposed to past Friday’s, personal devices played a HUGE role in this weekend’s online activity.  The product that recorded the largest surge in online activity was the iPad.  Personal devices such a tablets and smart phones emerged as the consumer’s ‘device of choice’ for online shopping this past weekend.

Take a look at eXelate’s Black Friday 2011 infographic.

To download a copy, CLICK HERE.

Advertising Week 2011- Event Calendar for the eXelate Team

For more information on the above Advertising Week Events, please visit the links below:

1. IAB MIXX: October 3-4, 2011

2. BrightRoll Video Summit: October 5, 2011

3. AdMonsters OPS: October 5, 2011

Also, if you’d like to schedule a meeting during Advertising Week with the eXelate and our Sales folks, send me an email at meghanb@exelate.com !

Specialization of the specialists: Growth among the sea digital media acronyms

How does online ad spend surge to $50 billion in 2015 when there are so many acronyms?

9 months ago I transitioned from marketing a SaaS BtoB company in the digital advertising ecosystem, to marketing the leading online BtoB data engine. I was exposed to acronyms completely foreign to me. SSP, DSP, PII, RTB, JSON, ATD- I was swimming in the alphabet soup of innovations that continue to propel the digital media space. After compiling a revised list of acronyms (see below) and incorporating them into my already expansive vocabulary of industry-specific lexicons, I quickly observed the following: We are an industry obsessed with ‘platforms’. Maybe it stems from the fragmentation of online technology solutions or our utopian idea of streamlining the complexity in executing a digital advertising campaign, but we continue to embrace the concept of specialty platforms that ‘bring it all together.’

At some point there needs to be some consolidation within these specialties. As innovators, we need to develop solutions that extend beyond a simple point solution for a specific audience. True value will come from the systems that fuse buying with the selling, and provide increased speed to market, improved customer relationships and revenue lift for both sides. For example, what if you could target a specific audience across the 3 categories of the purchase funnel (demographic, purchase and intent) while packaging-in branded data from a trusted provider like Nielsen… all without having to log into multiple platforms. That simple capability would weed out some of the acronyms you currently work with.

In addition to consolidation, we need to think about reducing costs. While innovation continues to inspire the digital landscape, we must remember that when more technologies, more people, and more complicated processes are introduced- the cost of doing business goes up. What if a data owner could sell their data across multiple industry-leading media buying platforms by implementing one system… as opposed to integrating with each and every stand alone media buyer. Would that help preserve IT budget? Would overhead and workload decrease? It seems to me that encouraging handshakes between specialists or, even better, have specialists own more of their ‘specialty’, will ‘bring it all together’, keep costs down and lure offline advertisers.

What will happen when the specialists are eradicated? Will the ever-growing list of digital acronyms whittle away, or will consolidation lead to more and sexier acronyms we haven’t yet dreamed of? Getting from $31.30 billion to $50 billion in 4 years doesn’t seem that daunting if we remain laser-focused on building utopia and innovate beyond the simple ‘specialty’.

Glossary of Digital Advertising Acronyms

*email me if you have more to add to this list (meghanb@exelate.com)
API– Application program interface
ASP– Application service provider
ATD- Agency trading desk
B2B– Business to business
B2C– Business to consumer
CPA– Cost per acquisition
CPC– Cost per click
CPL- Cost per lead
CPM- Cost per thousand
CRM– Customer relationship management
CTR– Click-through rate
dCPM– Dynamic CPM
DFA– DART for Advertisers
DFP– DART for Publishers
DMP– Data management platform
DNS– Domain name system
DSP– Demand-side platform
eCPM– Effective CPM
ESP- Email service provider
FTP– File transfer protocol
GRP– Gross rating point
HTML– HyperText markup language
ISP- Internet service provider
JSON- Java script object notation
OEM– Original equipment Manufacturer
PII- Personally identifiable information
PPC– Pay per click
PV– Page views
RFI- Request for information
RFP– Request for proposal
RMX– RightMedia Ad Exchange
ROI– Return on investment
RON– Run of network
ROS– Run of site
RTB– Real time bidding
RTD- Real time data
S2S- Server to server
SaaS– Software as a service
SAM- Social affinity marketing
SEM- Search engine marketing
SEO– Search engine optimization
SLA– Service level agreement
SMP– Social media platform
SMS– Short message service
SOAP- Simple object access protocol
SOV– Share of voice
SOW– Statement of work
SSP– Supply-side platform
UV– Unique visitor

eXelate at The Data Management Summit: July 17-20

Will you be in Deer Valley, Utah next week for the Data Management Summit? Come meet the eXelate team on Monday, July 18 and learn how companies like Nielsen Catalina Solutions are monetizing and innovating their data strategy in the session “Bulls-eye: Reaching and Managing Your Most Valuable Consumers”.

Also, join us on Tuesday, July 19 as we debate the largest issues facing publishers as digital advertising moves toward people in the panel discussion “From the Sell Side”.

Hey There Delilah- the eXelate DATA version

Hey There Delilah- The eXelate DATA version

In December 2010, eXelate hosted the holiday event, Data Night. We gathered industry luminaries including:

We sipped beer, talked audience targeting, and forecast-ed the prominence of data in online advertising for 2011.

For comedic relief, our very own, immensely talented Tobey Van Santvoord wrote and performed the data version of the classic hit, “Hey There Delilah”. Enjoy- while opting in to cookies. CLICK HERE to check it out.

iMedia Agency Summit- Quotable Content from Monday Morning in Bonita Springs

On Sunday, we sent 2 eXelate folks, Tobey Van Santvoord and Spencer Lee, down to Bonita Springs, Florida for the iMedia Agency Summit. As the sessions wrap up for the afternoon, I asked the guys to email me the most notable anecdotes from the morning.

Here’s what you missed:

1. John Nardone of x+1 talked about the fact that too many marketers use DSP’s for in-market targeting only (re-targeting specifically) and neglect upper funnel. For online audience targeting to scale and garner additional budget, marketers need to focus on filling the top of the funnel.

2. “Online video ads have a 18.3% more attentiveness than TV ads”. – YuMe and IPG Media Lab session.

3. In the session, “Privacy: Pain or Asset?” Scott Meyer of Evidon polled the audience, “Who is responsible for privacy in your organization or your clients’ organizations?”.  Less than 1/5 of the room raised their hands. As an industry, we need to make sure that consumer data is not misused.

4. Great quotes from Jack Myers in the opening keynote: “Transformations take 30 years. We are in the stage of monetization, implementation and application.” “We [interactive marketers] should think of ourselves as agents of stability versus agents of change.”

Stay tuned for more from the iMedia Agency Summit, and don’t forget to come by the eXelate After Dinner Reception at 9:30pm for cocktails, NBA Playoff action, and a chance to win a Boxee!

DataLinX and DataShield- Lunch and Learn at OMMA Behavioral

Learn more about our publisher tools for data management, including DataLinX.

eXelate Launches DataLinX and DataShield at OMMA Behavioral

Stop by our booth to find out more BEFORE the press release comes out this morning!