Exploring Your Audience: Targeting Segment Overlap

eXelate segments share users based on similar browsing behavior, and when those segments are targeting people with similar interests, this overlap can be significant. This heat map visualizes 50 of our most popular segments by shared users. Finding unnoticed relationships among users and segments can be invaluable for advertising campaigns.

For example, Auto Buyers: Hybrids and Shopping: Personal Tech draw from unique sources of information yet show an audience with many of the same users. This can be seen in the intersection of the red row and column. In many ways hybrid cars are a form of personal tech, with an emphasis on sophisticated design, interactivity and advanced technology. Other segments with significant overlap include an interest in green living and an interest in overall health shown in green, and an interest in reading as a hobby and having a cat as a pet shown in purple.

This provides ideas for additional marketing. Personal tech shoppers may be ideal targets for hybrid car sales- interested and inclined to like them, yet existing farther up the sales funnel. Conversely, hybrid car shoppers are ideal targets for personal technology, and would be an incredible target for personal technology which integrates with the hybrid car they may soon purchase. While highly targeted segments present the best sales opportunities, it’s important to consider what consumers look like at all points in your sales funnel and how advertising designed to target a different but related audience may benefit your campaign.

exelate Segments

What Does Sequester Mean? The Internet Wants to Know

exelate sequester

On March 1st, the United Stated began sequestration – an automatic 1.2 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years. According to eXelate data, online dictionary searches for the word “sequester” skyrocketed, peaking on March 1 at over fifty times the normal traffic. Unfortunately, the dictionary definition probably left many people confused as well. Under political sequestration, money appropriated by congress that exceeds a cap set in the 2011 Budget Resolution is “sequestered” by the Treasury Department. Perhaps it’s time to add a new definition to the dictionary!

Where Would You Rather Be? A Closer Look at Travel

Geospatial intelligence is critical in the conversion of big data to Smart Data, for insight, context and analysis. As shown in MediaPost, we recently looked at travel preferences for people leaving the lower 48 states by examining over a million records from travel websites, and came across some fascinating spatial patterns. Take a look at the map below showing the most searched destination by county.

eXelate travel mapUS

Interesting patterns emerge instantly. The Caribbean and Hawaii are locked in a death struggle for tropical vacationers, with proximity deciding the victor. Mexico stands out as a hugely popular destination nationwide. Europe is a more frequent destination for those on the East Coast but is also popular nationwide in large urban areas. LA, San Francisco and Seattle all demonstrate that demography can override distance.

If you missed Asia, look closer at large urban centers, such as Houston and San Francisco.

exelate map nyc zip

This cursory look quickly demonstrates how important geospatial intelligence is to understanding your data. By providing context and clarifying motivations, a more nuanced media campaign can be crafted to reach the target audience.