Safe from Nature: Interest in Public Safety during Summer

exelate disaster safety

Occasionally, we remember that the internet offers more than cats and memes. In some instances, it can be lifesaving, such as when it helps to spread information about an ongoing disaster, or provides safety tips to those affected by such an event.  Given the amount of natural disasters we have seen already this summer, we took a look at some of our data that shows interest in public safety.

While not unexpected, it was clear that safety and preparation tips for disasters are most frequently accessed immediately following a large event. On May 20, an EF5 tornado touched down in Moore, OK, devastating residential areas and schools. Following this major event, traffic to websites about disaster safety increased more than 100%, indicating how important these resources are. Even when examining American websites, distant disasters such as the tremendous floods in India and Nepal in June will cause small jumps in traffic.

As a rule, some disasters such as tornados and hurricanes display strong patterns of seasonality. The tornado season is especially visible, falling dramatically as we move into moved into mid-summer.  On the other hand, disasters such as earthquakes display significantly less seasonality, being a year-round threat.

While we focused on examining the most common types of disasters, the Red Cross can provide you with the information you need to be ready for anything from drought to tsunamis.

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Charitable Giving in the USA

exelate charitable giving

Charitable giving is one of the greatest things we can do to help our fellow man. We decided to take a look at some of the patterns of charity occurring this July within different age groups to see what would emerge. What did was expected, but interesting. The choice of charity seemed to reflect empathy with those in similar situations.

Looking at Generation Y, education was a huge concern, receiving the plurality of attention, followed by social services and welfare- a broad category containing everything from supporting veterans to the impoverished. Gen X followed these trends, but third place is where they differed: Gen Y broke slightly towards health related charities, while Gen X placed more emphasis on religious charities.

As we get to those in the Boomer generation and older, interests changed dramatically. Religion remained in third place, much like their younger Gen X counterparts. New to the mix was politics, with increased political donations correlating with the higher voting participation rates among older citizens. Social services moved up to the number one spot, the only charity type to cross every age group!

On a final note, this does not entirely capture the full range of charitable giving in the United States. In fact, with all things considered, religious donations are the dominant type of charitable giving in America. Tithing and church collections add up to enormous numbers of offline donations which are difficult to capture using web data.

Charity is a big part of the culture here at eXelate – take a look at some pictures from past community service events we have participated in.

A Little Bit Country, a LOT Rock ‘n Roll: American Musical Interest

exelate data snax 7.5.13“R-O-C-K in the USA” seems to be alive and well! This week, our data team looked at different musical interests between males and females as well as across different age groups. Between country western, hip hop, jazz, and rock, rock took the cake as the most popular genre among all genders and ages. Some other insights:

  • Country western seems to be gaining popularity – more so for women than men, almost edging out rock as the top musical interest for women.
  • Hip hop and rap are most popular among the young, with a steady downward line in interest as age increases. However, it seems that some folks over 50 are still enjoying it!
  • Apparently, jazz is a genre for a select few – interest for both genders plummets and all age groups show a relatively equal amount of disinterest for it.

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Summer Interests: American Grillers


Happy First Day of Summer! To celebrate, we decided to take a look at one of our own favorite outdoor activities – the quintessential American BBQ.

Barbequing, or grilling, is a massively popular form of cooking in America. A full 75% of American households own a grill, and almost half of them grill year round.

We examined a full month’s worth of data in order to find out what BBQers are doing, and it turns out that May featured some intense interest in the Northeast. Not only does the Northeast have the most BBQers in the nation, but they were finally getting the weather to enjoy it. Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts led the pack, with the most per capita BBQ interest in the nation. But don’t worry, BBQing is popular nationwide.

It may surprise you that we look for BBQers at all. In fact, we found over 7 MILLION unique users looking for BBQ information or supplies in May alone. So what are you waiting for? Get the grill and beer out. It’s summer!

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U.S. Sports Abroad- European Interest in American Sports

American Sport in EuropeThis week we wanted to take a quick look at the popularity of the “Big 3” American sports in Europe. We examined browsing patterns for May, with an interest in which countries were most focused on news about which sport. We definitely found some interesting patterns.

This sort of snapshot is highly time-dependent. Interest in sports waxes and wanes as sports seasons come and go. These numbers were taken during the MLB and NBA regular seasons, but after the Superbowl, and these two ‘in season’ sports dominate the map.  Germany, which has the largest number of players in the Confederation of European Baseball, dominated baseball interest. This was shared with Spain, where baseball was introduced early by Latin American enthusiasts, and many Eastern European nations.

Basketball news was the winner in large parts of Europe. In fact, had it been included, college basketball was actually more popular than any of the three major sports for a few countries. Of course, we can’t discount Americans living and traveling abroad, trying to keep up with their home team swinging some results!

Surprisingly, despite being in the off-season, NFL news was still being actively read more than other sports in a few countries. We can only hope it shows real interest and not people confused by which “football” they were reading about!

Auto Insights: May’s Top 10 Segments

exelate auto buyers top 10

The Ford Mustang takes the race!

Here’s a snapshot of the top ten auto segments for May in a few of our most popular categories. Cleaning up is Ford, with the most popular segment in both our make and model categories, backed up by sports cars being our most popular body style! Perhaps some of our users are looking to spend some extra cash this summer?

These segments allow you to accurately find your audience across the web, targeting and retargeting users with precisely defined interests. Not only does eXelate maintain highly accurate Smart Data about body styles, makes and models, we create and maintain hundreds of additional segments for auto shopping with millions of unique users. Information about whether they prefer foreign or domestic, new or used, economy or luxury, and more. This is backed by a range of other auto related segments, including auto parts, tires, financing, lease and loan info, insurance seekers and demographics.

If you’re looking for auto shoppers, look to eXelate for the most accurate targeting on the market!

Mobile Browsing Interests of Men & Women

The future is mobile. Phones and tablets are becoming larger parts of our online activity. Our lives are filled with multiple browsing devices, from tablets and phones to traditional computers. Mobile devices reflect some of our most idle browsing, reflecting pleasure rather than work. We decided to compare mobile browsing across iOS and Android platforms for men and women.

exelate men women mobile browsing

Men and women have distinct browsing behavior, as you can from the segments they find themselves in. Some activities are common between men and women. Entertainment, technology, shopping and reading the news are all shared activities. On the other hand, there are some distinct differences. Websites relating to parenting, travel, health and food are all more common sites for women than men, while men show more interest in games, technology and finance.

Of course, just because we don’t see someone fitting the Finance or Food & Wine segments on a mobile device does not mean they aren’t interested! We are only capturing a part of that user’s browsing. That is why we are so excited about our new partnership with Drawbridge. Drawbridge increases our ability to connect our mobile and desktop users, expanding the range of platforms for a user we can collect data from, and subsequently allowing people to see relevant ads across multiple platforms. We may never see a user visit a parenting website on their desktop, but through cross-platform connections, we can make sure a user see ads to catch their interests across their digital space. This increases the accuracy, actionability and agility of our data; the core attributes of eXelate Smart Data.

Cinco De Mayo: Mexico and France’s Browsing Interests

Cinco de Mayo is a widely celebrated but little understood holiday. For most Americans, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture, with good food, good margaritas and good times. In fact, Cinco de Mayo celebrates a very interesting and often overlooked historical event: the victory of Mexico over invading French forces! In late 1861, 8,000 French forces under Napoleon III invaded Mexico, won initial victories and headed towards Mexico City. Despite being known as the greatest army in the world, a group of poorly equipped Mexican soldiers (outnumbered 2 to 1) defeated the French in Puebla, the Mexican state which still celebrates Cinco de Mayo today.

eXelate has many locations worldwide; four in the US, and offices in Paris, London and Israel. Through these offices and our partnerships with international publishers, eXelate maintains a strong base of international data. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we decided to compare and contrast the browsing behaviors of Mexico and France. This 30,000 foot view of the countries revealed a number of insights into their relative behaviors.

exelate cinco de mayo

Looking at web browsers, Mexico has become addicted to Chrome, with nearly half of website traffic using the Google browser. Compare this with France, where Firefox is still very popular and Chrome adoption rates are significantly lower.

Similarly, we examined how users utilized the Internet across a range of segments, four of which are visualized above. The results are interesting. France, which has high-quality, fast rail travel and double the population density, displays far less interest in auto-shopping, with Mexican internet users looking for cars nearly twice as often. France, on the other hand, takes the cake for fashion, with browsers being interested in Fashion related sites nearly three times as often as their Mexican counterparts. The more culturally neutral segments, such as an interest in music or news, display far weaker cultural and geographic trends.

In order to celebrate, we’ll be sipping some tequila instead of champagne this weekend.

March Madness: The Road to the Final 4 – Infographic

This Monday marks the culmination of the NCAA’s March Madness championship. Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan, and Syracuse are the final remaining contenders. We’ve pulled data on all their biggest fans as well as tracked how the fans have been slowly tuning into the madness since the beginning of March.

Observing online browsing behavior of eXelate segments during the week of March 3,  we see fan interest is low as those teams who weren’t automatically qualified for the championship were selected. Over the next three weeks, however, you can see the intense increase in March Madness interest – particularly during the third week of March when the games started.

We measured fan interest here by Twitter followers (by team), gender, and age. We also did some more digging to find out what these fans like besides basketball.

Check out the infographic below and download it here.

exelate bracket bedlam infographic