eXelate’s data eXcellence awards

This Thursday, eXelate will host its first-ever data eXcellence awardsThe awards are the industry’s first and only event celebrating the innovative use of data for smart marketing decisions.

Every second, digital media organizations worldwide leverage online data. Whether it’s for reaching a highly niche audience, understanding the profile of a brand’s consumer, or converting buyers as they traverse the web, data is the catalyst for smarter marketing decisions.

This week, we will highlight one organization from five categories – agencies, publishers, platforms, eXelate partners, and organizations outside of digital advertising – who have implemented our data to achieve dramatic results. We asked the entire industry: 1) what was your business challenge? 2) how did you use data to solve that challenge? and 3) what results were achieved? We look forward to discovering the winners on Thursday night.


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The Path to a New Car: A Word from eXelate’s VP of Auto Sales

This is my first blog post as the automotive guy at eXelate, and being born and raised in Detroit, it’s been all about cars my entire life.  Now that data has become a major factor in targeting automotive shoppers, it just made sense for me to marry my auto marketing experience with smart data.

The auto shopper is one of the most sought after people across the web.   For years, marketers have been trying to figure out who is in-market and who are just tire kickers.  Are they looking for new or used or are they still undecided? And how long will it be until they really get serious and actually pick a model they like enough to go to the dealership to take a test drive?  Is that today or 3 months from now?

This is not a linear process like traditional media has taught us.  The purchase funnel we used to talk about is more of a path to purchase that actually resembles fingerprint technology.   Fingerprints might all look the same at a glance, but each one is different.  Everyone’s vehicle buying situation is unique and constantly changing.  Decisions need to be made for an infinite number of reasons; time frames and patterns are impossible to decipher.

Think about it.  Let’s say it’s January and one person wants a bigger car because they just moved to Buffalo, New York from Jacksonville, Florida and think that driving in the snow will be a challenge.  And another person wants to make sure they have a vehicle with the correct towing capacity for that bigger camper they’ve been eyeing.  Both definite SUV shoppers.  One has an immediate need and the other is still in the planning stages.  Yet you need to make sure you are targeting both individuals throughout their decision making process.  That’s where data comes to the rescue.  People’s online habits can give us clues to make marketing decisions more effective.

While OEMs are looking to target new vehicle shoppers, the auto shopping population has almost 3x as many used vehicle shoppers compared to new.

US Auto Sales, 2012 (http://www.nada.org/NR/rdonlyres/1B512AC7-DCFC-472C-A854-6F5527931A2F/0/2013_NADA_Data_062813.pdf)

US Auto Sales 2012 (Source: NADA)

When consumers go to auto shopping and research sites, the sites are designed to reach both new and used shoppers, so almost ¾ of your targeting is to the used buying market.  What if you could use a data source that concentrated on new car buyers and over indexed the marketplace to make targeting more effective?  That’s what eXelate has been doing in the auto vertical and that’s why the data is much more effective.

A recent 90 day Korrelate study found that eXelate data reaches half of all new car buyers.   In 2013 alone, you can reach 8 million auto buyers and 34 million that are in consideration.

This is an exciting time to be in the data business, and the auto industry understands how important it is to reach people throughout the entire path to purchase – wherever that road is to a new car sale.

Frank J. Smychynsky is VP of Automotive Sales at eXelate and is based in Detroit, MI. With over 20 years in the world of cars, Frank is our resident auto expert. Click here to get in touch with him. 

Summer Interests: American Grillers


Happy First Day of Summer! To celebrate, we decided to take a look at one of our own favorite outdoor activities – the quintessential American BBQ.

Barbequing, or grilling, is a massively popular form of cooking in America. A full 75% of American households own a grill, and almost half of them grill year round.

We examined a full month’s worth of data in order to find out what BBQers are doing, and it turns out that May featured some intense interest in the Northeast. Not only does the Northeast have the most BBQers in the nation, but they were finally getting the weather to enjoy it. Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts led the pack, with the most per capita BBQ interest in the nation. But don’t worry, BBQing is popular nationwide.

It may surprise you that we look for BBQers at all. In fact, we found over 7 MILLION unique users looking for BBQ information or supplies in May alone. So what are you waiting for? Get the grill and beer out. It’s summer!

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Auto Insights: May’s Top 10 Segments

exelate auto buyers top 10

The Ford Mustang takes the race!

Here’s a snapshot of the top ten auto segments for May in a few of our most popular categories. Cleaning up is Ford, with the most popular segment in both our make and model categories, backed up by sports cars being our most popular body style! Perhaps some of our users are looking to spend some extra cash this summer?

These segments allow you to accurately find your audience across the web, targeting and retargeting users with precisely defined interests. Not only does eXelate maintain highly accurate Smart Data about body styles, makes and models, we create and maintain hundreds of additional segments for auto shopping with millions of unique users. Information about whether they prefer foreign or domestic, new or used, economy or luxury, and more. This is backed by a range of other auto related segments, including auto parts, tires, financing, lease and loan info, insurance seekers and demographics.

If you’re looking for auto shoppers, look to eXelate for the most accurate targeting on the market!

The eXelate Team Helps Foster the Next Generation of Data Scientists

On Tuesday, the Data Science and Technical Operations groups at eXelate participated in our New York City community when members of the teams visited 6th grade math classes at MS 54 (Booker T Washington Middle School) to discuss how math is shaping our everyday world.

analytics team math school

eXelate’s Analytics Team (Sean Cook, Matthew Fornari, Tingting Lin, Kevin Lyons, and Patrick McCann)

The team started out by explaining what Data Scientists do at eXelate and how exciting their jobs are. Some case studies of the type of analyses the team conducts were presented, including a demonstration of how what consumers see on the internet (both the ads and content) is determined, in real-time, by advanced mathematical algorithms. The team even surveyed the kids ahead of time and built some statistical models that, in real time, successfully predicted (to the relief of the fingers-crossed analysts) the favorite movies of the students and the things they most like to do after school.

The presentation was concluded by noting that no matter what discouragement the students may endure, each of them can learn and apply math to their careers regardless of their background or appearance – one of eXelate’s core values. It was a great experience for the presenters and the students were very engaged, even dubbing the presentation as “cool” – a big win for us!

For what it’s worth, eXelate would like to make a call out to all Data Scientists out there: Get involved! Offer to help out at a school! Who knows, you might just help to change a kid’s life, all while having a lot of fun and fostering the next great generation of Data Scientists.

The Smart Data Manifesto: Goodbye Big Data, Hello Smart Data

Today we’re excited to start our series of white papers dedicated to explaining the evolution of Big Data to Smart Data. These set of Smart Data Papers are dedicated to frame our point of view on the need of the digital marketing industry to move away from a constant reliance on Big Data and instead expect and demand Smart Data.

The Smart Data Manifesto is a first in a series of eXelate white papers on the evolution of Big Data to Smart Data. Consumers have embraced a fully digital lifestyle across all screen types – PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Not only are consumers constantly connected, but they utilize an ever increasing range of services (web, video, social, messaging, apps, email) across screens. This multi-platform behavior has spawned a Big Data tempest and an entire ecosystem dedicated to deriving value from this new natural resource. Unfortunately, Big Data has yet to fulfill its promise of providing a clear and consistent business advantage. The era of Smart Data is here – data that is accurate, actionable, and agile – data that is ready to power smarter decisions. Smarter decisions must clearly drive revenue or market share growth – the primary measures for marketing performance.

This is a first in a series of eXelate white papers that will delve into the different components of Smart Data – accurate, actionable, and agile. These papers will review the why, how, and what of each Smart Data component while also providing best practices for industry professionals.

The time for smart data driving smarter decisions is here – are you ready?

exelate smart data

Download the paper here.

Audience Targeting Budgets to Increase by 38%: eXelate and Digiday’s State of the Industry

In March and April of 2013, we again participated in the State of the Industry Survey in conjunction with Digiday. The survey captured feedback from over 650 digital advertising professionals on the importance of audience targeting in launching high-performance direct response and branding digital campaigns. Respondents represented a wide range of industry stakeholders – advertisers, agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, and demand side platforms (DSPs). The research was driven by the ongoing need to reduce the complexity of the ad-tech ecosystem by providing clarity to the real demands of advertisers and agencies.

digiday exelate soti

A surprising survey insight included the fact that both advertisers and agencies preferred 3rd party online data as the #1 source of audience targeting data over 1st party social media, 1st party custom, and 3rd party offline data for both direct response and branding campaigns. This result confirms that the audience targeting ecosystem continues to rely on accurate and actionable 3rd party data pools to power effective audience targeting campaigns.

Key highlights from the eXelate and Digiday State of the Industry survey include:

  • Audience targeting continues to grow with more than 80% of advertisers and 90% of agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges and DSPs utilizing the capability
  • Over 60% of advertisers prefer 3rd party online data for audience targeting, followed by 1st-party CRM data
  • Over 80% of the ecosystem reports that audience targeting is an effective marketing strategy
  • 3rd party online data is the highest ranked data set for both direct response and branding campaigns for both advertisers and agencies, outperforming 1st-party social, custom and CRM data, as well as 3rd-party offline data
  • More than 69% of respondents report they plan to increase their audience-targeting budgets, with an average budget increase of 38%

“Despite the ongoing debate on 3rd party cookies and data, it is clear that all parts of the digital advertising ecosystem – advertisers, agencies and platforms, increasingly rely on, and prefer the efficacy and reach of, 3rd party data,” stated Khurrum Malik, CMO (eXelate).

See the presentation:

Click here to view the full results.

Jumptap and eXelate Join Forces to Bring Online Data into Mobile and Across Screens

JumptapAs Seen On: Jumptap.com

We’re happy to announce a new partnership with eXelate, the leading smart data and analytics engine, to help advertisers deliver highly-targeted mobile ad campaigns by bringing PC-based online consumer behavioral and purchase data into the mobile realm and reach audiences across screens.

In an increasingly multi-screen world, it’s critical for advertisers to think about mobile audience behavior holistically; true intent deciphered through mobile, online and offline behavior. Jumptap is expanding itsAudience+ Targeting Platform by leveraging eXelate’s data and insights on online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioral propensities across 500M online consumers worldwide. As a result, advertisers will be able to target and reach mobile audiences at key points within the decision making and purchase process.

To link to eXelate’s data, the company drops Jumptap pixels within its publisher network. When eXelate receives a request from a user’s device, it sends Jumptap an eXelate user ID, along with an IP address. Once the sync is made, the online data is available to Jumptap whenever it ‘sees’ the user in its network.

“As the world’s content consumption becomes more fragmented across screens, a significant opportunity exists to unite audience behavior for more relevant, holistic messaging,” said Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer at Jumptap. “eXelate is well-known for its expansive data in the online realm, and we’re honored to be their first mobile partner. This partnership supports Jumptap’s mission in driving a unified audience across screens.”

“Our partnership with Jumptap supports eXelate’s commitment to helping marketers identify and reach their audiences through a data-driven approach,” said Nancy Neumann, VP of Platform Sales, eXelate. “The mobile and online industries are beginning to converge, and we’re thrilled to be working with Jumptap at this exciting time.”

Exploring Your Audience: Targeting Segment Overlap

eXelate segments share users based on similar browsing behavior, and when those segments are targeting people with similar interests, this overlap can be significant. This heat map visualizes 50 of our most popular segments by shared users. Finding unnoticed relationships among users and segments can be invaluable for advertising campaigns.

For example, Auto Buyers: Hybrids and Shopping: Personal Tech draw from unique sources of information yet show an audience with many of the same users. This can be seen in the intersection of the red row and column. In many ways hybrid cars are a form of personal tech, with an emphasis on sophisticated design, interactivity and advanced technology. Other segments with significant overlap include an interest in green living and an interest in overall health shown in green, and an interest in reading as a hobby and having a cat as a pet shown in purple.

This provides ideas for additional marketing. Personal tech shoppers may be ideal targets for hybrid car sales- interested and inclined to like them, yet existing farther up the sales funnel. Conversely, hybrid car shoppers are ideal targets for personal technology, and would be an incredible target for personal technology which integrates with the hybrid car they may soon purchase. While highly targeted segments present the best sales opportunities, it’s important to consider what consumers look like at all points in your sales funnel and how advertising designed to target a different but related audience may benefit your campaign.

exelate Segments

eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski talks Data Modeling with ExchangeWire

As seen in: ExchangeWire

Sophisticated data modeling has become a requisite for most traders working in the data-driven ad space. Some are building their own prop models, others are partnering with the likes of eXelate to personalise the message for the audiences they are trying to reach. In this episode of #TraderTalkTV we get Mark Zagorski, CEO of Exelate, to explain his company’s approach to Real-Time Data Modeling.