Charitable Giving in the USA

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Charitable giving is one of the greatest things we can do to help our fellow man. We decided to take a look at some of the patterns of charity occurring this July within different age groups to see what would emerge. What did was expected, but interesting. The choice of charity seemed to reflect empathy with those in similar situations.

Looking at Generation Y, education was a huge concern, receiving the plurality of attention, followed by social services and welfare- a broad category containing everything from supporting veterans to the impoverished. Gen X followed these trends, but third place is where they differed: Gen Y broke slightly towards health related charities, while Gen X placed more emphasis on religious charities.

As we get to those in the Boomer generation and older, interests changed dramatically. Religion remained in third place, much like their younger Gen X counterparts. New to the mix was politics, with increased political donations correlating with the higher voting participation rates among older citizens. Social services moved up to the number one spot, the only charity type to cross every age group!

On a final note, this does not entirely capture the full range of charitable giving in the United States. In fact, with all things considered, religious donations are the dominant type of charitable giving in America. Tithing and church collections add up to enormous numbers of offline donations which are difficult to capture using web data.

Charity is a big part of the culture here at eXelate – take a look at some pictures from past community service events we have participated in.

Tax Day is Coming: Top 10 Popular Finance Segments

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – tax season! With the April 15 deadline 3 days away, we pulled the top 10 most popular finance segments within the Baby Boomer and Gen Y age groups. 3 key findings include:

  • Despite charitable donations being the most frequent Gen Y financial activity, they still contribute less than their older counterparts overall.
  • Baby Boomers are more interested in Without Children categories as they’re more likely to be empty nesters, while Gen Y takes interest in With Children as they’re most likely starting families.
  • Members of Gen Y change jobs much more frequently than their older counterparts, therefore complicating their tax season!

exelate tax day finance segments