Online Browsing Behavior: Tablet vs. Smartphone

exelate tablet v smartphone

Mobile browsing has rapidly become an integral part of our everyday online behavior. When looking at mobile behavior, it’s critical to distinguish between different types of mobile devices and how their use differs. The two most common types of mobile devices are smartphones and tablets, and each display unique usage patterns through the day. The following chart displays hourly tablet and smartphone usage. This data is indexed to their respective daily averages in order to make them directly comparable, although raw overall usage of phones outweighs tablets at all hours.

Smartphones are typically kept with us throughout the day, and display a more even distribution of use through our waking hours. This is especially clear when looking at business hours. People don’t often have their tablets with them at work, and have less time to use them. Smartphones, on the other hand, can be used more continuously through the day. Interestingly, smartphones also display a slight but consistent dip between 5 and 6 o’clock, which we attribute to the commute home. Phones don’t work well when you’re driving in your car or on the subway!

Tablets are more heavily weighted towards home use. They show a brief spike of use in the morning before work. This is followed by a fairly flat usage level, and a tremendous spike at the end of the day when we get home from work. By 11 pm, both devices are declining rapidly, with minimum usage occurring around 5 am.

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