March Madness: The Road to the Final 4 – Infographic

This Monday marks the culmination of the NCAA’s March Madness championship. Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan, and Syracuse are the final remaining contenders. We’ve pulled data on all their biggest fans as well as tracked how the fans have been slowly tuning into the madness since the beginning of March.

Observing online browsing behavior of eXelate segments during the week of March 3,  we see fan interest is low as those teams who weren’t automatically qualified for the championship were selected. Over the next three weeks, however, you can see the intense increase in March Madness interest – particularly during the third week of March when the games started.

We measured fan interest here by Twitter followers (by team), gender, and age. We also did some more digging to find out what these fans like besides basketball.

Check out the infographic below and download it here.

exelate bracket bedlam infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Super Data Insights from the Big Game

Whether you were rooting for the Ravens or for the 49ers, during the big game on Sunday, mobile devices (tablets & smartphones) were definitely the second screen of choice for all, particularly women. eXelate put together insights from the game on Sunday and found a few interesting trends:

  • A few hours before the game, everyone must have been busy setting out the dip, as you can see that desktop use plummets. It picks back up once the game is over.
  • While both sexes became more active at halftime and during the power outage, female mobile device usage spiked significantly and remained high throughout the second half.
  • Football fans like more than power tools & beer: leading interests of fans include personal wealth management, online streaming, men’s fashion, natural & organics, and a couple of other unexpected segments.

Take a look below, and download your copy of the full infographic here.

eXelate Super Data Insights from the Big Game 2.6.13

Battle for the Buyers – Black Friday v. Cyber Monday 2012: eXelate Infographic

Last year, we showed you how Black Friday and Cyber Monday stacked up against each other. Buyers again headed to the stores bright and early this year to kick off Black Friday weekend – and this time, it seems like there were even more than usual. Some highlights:

  • More of the US shopped on Cyber Monday than Black Friday this year – especially in the South
  • Shopping by mobile device continues to rise
  • Tech gear & apparel are the most popular categories shopped for

Check out the infographic below and head to Mediapost for the full story.

Click here to download.

Using the maX Index to find Spring Break Travel Trends

Marketers seeking to understand consumer demographics, interests, intent or branded segments according to user geography are now able to do so with eXelate’s maX Index, our market-level insights on segments that index high or low for any DMA or state. Based on eXelate’s unparalleled reach as well as our premium and syndicated audience segments, we are able to pull data from millions of unique user IDs and billions of transactions to tell if a specific geographic area is more or less likely to search or click.

For April, we pulled the top Spring Break Travel Trends. Some interesting finds:

  • People in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area are 4.27 times more interested in travel to Spain compared to others in the US
  • People in Manhattan are 4.28 times more interested in travel to the Netherlands than others in the US
  • People in Austin, TX are 2.61 times more interested in travel to Germany

Click here to download.

Were you surprised at the places these DMAs are likely to travel to? Read the full story and give your two cents at MediaPost.

The Big Game: Insights & Information Collected via Digital Media – Infographic

eXelate and the Council for Accountable Advertising have put together an infographic showing sports page stats, household buying tendencies, online ad impressions, and searched flights to Indy in preparation for this weekend’s big game. Check it out, and have fun rooting on [your team here]!

To download your copy, click here.

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday: Cyber Monday sees increased online shopping- eXelate infographic!

With 25 days and only 600 hours until the Christmas holiday, online shoppers continue to hit the internet in search of the perfect gifts for the holiday season. As online shopping soars, we were curious as to how Black Friday stacked up against Cyber Monday.  Take a look at some of our findings!

1. 57% more consumers shopped on Cyber Monday than on prior November Mondays.

2. The Top products that popped CONTINUE to be technology-oriented.

3. Online shopping on Cyber Monday beat Black Friday by 17% (seems like a small percent…)

4. Mondays, in general, outperform Fridays in online shopping by about 14%.

(eXelate data is compiled from measuring billions of real-time, online consumer interactions that are supported by data sourced from hundreds of online and offline sources.)

To download a copy, CLICK HERE!

Black Friday 2011- Consumers Move Toward Mobile Devices for Online Shopping

Online shopping on Black Friday surged – no surprise there.

But, what IS interesting is that while consumers spent more time shopping online on Black Friday as opposed to past Friday’s, personal devices played a HUGE role in this weekend’s online activity.  The product that recorded the largest surge in online activity was the iPad.  Personal devices such a tablets and smart phones emerged as the consumer’s ‘device of choice’ for online shopping this past weekend.

Take a look at eXelate’s Black Friday 2011 infographic.

To download a copy, CLICK HERE.